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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a tailor-made approach to talent acquisition for hiring organizations and is designed to enhance the hiring process. The RPO works closely with the hiring organization with the goal of understanding its short- mid- and long-term hiring needs. Armed with this information, the RPO creates a dedicated team of recruitment partners whose goal is to build a talent pipeline which feeds the hiring organization’s recruitment needs over an extended period of time.
As your RPO partner, Allied Clinical Management will provide you with an enhanced ability to source talent for your organization in addition to reducing your recruiting costs and dependency on costly staffing agencies.

How is an RPO different from a staffing agency?

When looking for quality talent, many hiring organizations turn to staffing agencies. Frequently, hiring organizations engage with multiple agencies concomitantly to find talent for the same position. This approach results in numerous staffing agencies contacting and competing for the same talent with differing approaches and varying levels of professionalism. The search is conducted completely outside of hiring organization’s control and may be done in an ad-hoc and haphazard manner. Often the same talent is contacted by several staffing agencies for the same position which creates a confusing impression on top talent. This is ultimately counterproductive and does not reflect well on the hiring organization.

How does ACM Recruitment Process Outsourcing add value to a hiring organization?

As your RPO, we work directly with the hiring organization to understand its business and hiring goals. We create a unique market brand for the hiring organization on several different platforms in order to build up the organization brand and name recognition. By working seamlessly with the hiring organization, we learn exactly what their hiring needs are. Then we begin to build up a talent pipeline for the organization which allows them to hire top quality talent in a just-in-time manner.

RPO Cost Models

We offer two models for sourcing top quality talent.

List Model: the hiring organization is charged a previously agreed fee for a pre-defined quantity of sourced, screened and qualified talent for a particular position to be delivered within a certain period of time. Once the list of vetted candidates is delivered to the client, the hiring organization takes over the hiring and onboarding process.

Temporary Worker Model: the hiring organization utilizes our temporary employment model to insource talent on a temporary basis for a period between 12-18 months. At the end of the engagement period, the client has the option to directly hire the talent or to continue the temporary worker model after a break of three months.

Five Reasons to Choose Allied Clinical Management as your RPO:


We have been conducting clinical research at clinics since 2004. This experience ensures that pharmaceutical, medical device companies and primary health care facilities are supplied with the best talent on the market by an RPO with a profound understanding of clinical research and primary health care.


Pharmaceutical, medical device companies and primary health care hiring organizations can source talent by choosing either our List Model or the Temporary Worker Model. Our clients keep control over the hiring process and maintain flexibility managing their human resources.


Our recruiters work closely with pharmaceutical, medical device companies and primary health care hiring organizations and align with your talent resourcing needs. Our dedicated specialists work closely with you to understand your staffing needs. This approach to sourcing talent has been proven to be effective and ensures the best quality talent pipeline for your organization.


We are a member of the Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen e.V. and fairly compensate and cover all applicable social insurance of our outsourced talent. In addition, all outsourced work is insured by our professional liability insurance.


We source talented professionals to hiring organizations who possess in-depth knowledge of the clinic. They are compliant with the latest ethical and regulatory guidelines and other training requirements such as GCP and ISO.

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