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Allied Clinical Management GmbH was inspired and founded in 2004 by its American born CEO Michael Roehl, who coined ACM’s enduring motto, “Do it right the first time!”

ACM’s recognition of the importance of its customers sets this CRO apart from its European competitors, especially when collaborating with its transatlantic partners. These collaborators need a reliable, trusted and culturally attuned partner on the ground to guide them through the European regulatory landscape and act as their local representative for clinical operations and marketing.

Based in the German health capital, Berlin, ACM has access and connections to hundreds of cutting edge research sites and KOLs in Germany, the fourth largest pharmaceutical market in the world.

ACM’s adds value to its transatlantic and European partners with excelled service and dedication to their clinical development and marketing programs. Since its founding, ACM has been providing support to large and small sponsors of pharmaceuticals and medical devices as well as to other CROs in the following areas of clinical research:

As a founding member of the MEDIS RESEARCH GROUP we offer, in collaboration with our partners ICRC-Weyer GmbH and OnkoDataMed GmbH, full CRO services which can be contracted individually or as a combined package based on the requirements of each specific clinical project.

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